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Handcrafted for Maximum Performance Tactical Hatchet Tool Viking Bearded Hawk Tomahawk Axe Camping Axe

Handcrafted for Maximum Performance Tactical Hatchet Tool Viking Bearded Hawk Tomahawk Axe Camping Axe

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Handle Material Alloy Steel
Color Silver
Item Weight 2.25 Pounds
Style Viking
Blade Edge Straight

About this item

  • Bushcraft, TACTICAL, Boot, Everyday Carry, Hunting, Survival, Throwing
  • Features: Sheath Included
  • Authenticity: Original
  • Blade Type: BEARDED
Viking bearded Axe uses for camping axe  and choping throwing and survival Axe

There's something so empowering about knowing you can pick an axe and split a piece of wood.

A more modern invention, the tactical axe is a “MountainForge” designed to be primarily a chopping implement but capable of functioning as a camping,Survival,Throwing, and sometimes a hammer.

Lighter and more aerodynamic models can function as tomahawks, while other examples are more sturdy and designed for heavy duty work in the field. Most are full tang and forged from high quality steel to meet the demands placed on them.

An axe is an ancient tool, with a rich history of uses including felling trees, hunting, and weaponry. the axe is most commonly used in the yard or outdoor pursuits, such as camping, but the type of axe you need will depend on the purpose you intend for it.

Viking Bearded Tomahawk Axe

How to Use an Axe

Axes come in a variety of sizes and serve many different purposes. A forest axe (also known as a range axe) is used to cut or split large pieces of wood and requires both hands to use. A hatchet, or hand axe, is appropriate for cutting dead branches, twigs, and firewood, and can be used with one hand. Axes can help with numerous tasks, including log-building and meat cleaving, and it’s important to know how and when to use different types of axes!

Hold the axe tightly. Your body should be loose and relaxed, while your hands need to firmly grip the axe itself. Make sure your hands are a few inches apart on the axe handle before you start chopping.


  • Grab the axe by placing your non-dominant hand 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) above the end of the axe handle.
  • Position your other hand approximately 25% down the handle below the blade of the axe.
  • If you are right-handed, your right hand should be the one closest to the blade. If you are left-handed, the opposite is true.


While it’s great for digging through soil of any hardness and consistency,

Hand Forged from 5160 steel Axe wood spliting axe and throwing axe

An example of a highly specialized ax, this a North American design used primarily for combat but capable of general purpose work.

Custom Made FROM 5160 STEEL VIKING BEARDED HAWK TOMAHAWK AXE MOUNTAIN BAR BUSHCRAFT Exclusive Offer Custom Orders are Accepted For Axe's Head and Knives Dimensions: Axe Head Cutting Edge Width: 5.5" Axe Head Lenght 5" TOTAL LENGHT 16" Quality Standards **** This is one of my Bearded Hand Forged 5160 steel Mountain Bar Bushcraft makes some really tough hawks Tomahawk War Axe, if you liked the Hammer hawks from the axe Head steel than you will like the 5160 its even tougher!!! *****This is a great looking Hand Forged hawk Tomahawk . Sharp and ready to go. I forged this hawk from 5160 steel and heat treated it to 56 HRC.Over all 5" Long. Blade 5.5" wide. The hawk in the photos is the one you will receive********* I forge each hawk by hand on a 300lb Fisher Norris Anvil with a 3 lb straight peen hammer******** Each head is normalized several times differential hardened and double tempered. These tomahawks have been field tested in every theater from hiking in the mountains to combat tested. Combat proven. I test every hawk I make to ensure that it will stand up to extreme use, you can view the tests in the videos above. All of our hawks are hand forged by me personally one at a time, I also do all of the finish work, grinding etc. I use no jigs or forms of any kind, each hawk is an original. I also make the damascus that our damascus hawks are made from.

This Tomahawk axes originate from North America, where they were first used by Native Americans. They have a rich military history and have been used in battle since their creation, by both sides in the American Revolution, and later in the Vietnam War. These axes resemble hatchets, and the sharp blade makes them useful for a range of jobs, including digging, prying, chopping, and splitting. Though tomahawks are popular among soldiers, they have more recently become fashionable for camping. They are lighter and smaller than hatchets and are therefore easier to carry around. They are multi functional, able to be used for a range of bushcraft activities. Tomahawks are also popular for use in knife throwing competitions, where they have their own category.

Primary uses

There are loads of uses for a tomahawk. We’ve mentioned some already and we’ll mention some others later, so in this little section we will talk about who will primarily need and use a tomahawk.

Firstly tomahawks are popular with anyone who ventures into the outdoors for more than just a stroll, such as bushcrafters, mountaineers, adventurers and trekkers. Then you’ve also get the sport market for those who enter tomahawk throwing contests and other outdoor competitions. Finally you’ve also got the military and related services. All of these people (and many others that we’ve forgotten to name) use tomahawks. If you’re one of these, or someone else we’d love to hear from you as to what you use and have used your tomahawk for!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 3, 2023 Verified Purchase : Perfect for what it’s used for, and absolutely beautifully crafted! A sword doesn’t need to need 10000$ to be good, this is a great pice of hardware. It’s worth more than the price. Haven’t had it slip or ring like cheap steel, especially when filing with. I bought 2 for that very reason. Worth it for sure!!

Feels excellent : Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 20, 2023Verified Purchase: It's feels excellent to hold and Perfect edge, gets stuck in sheath occasionally, but does not retract from my experience .

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